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Cell phone number tracing


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Hey I was wondering if anyone knew how to trace a cell phone number to find out who is calling?  Thanks in advance

In England your only chance is to dial 1471 after the phone call. It's easy to defeat this however simply by prefixing the phone number you wish to call with 141. If you have reason in of to find out who is calling you and width holding there number you have to call your phone company.

I presume the American phone network is some what similar in this respect.

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Either that or have caller ID with a phone/box that can handle it. And in the US it's *69 I believe. Plus in the US if you have a toll free number you can get with number through ANI which can tell your number regardless of caller ID blocking, I don't know if that's true elsewhere (despite me actually living in the UK), but it probably is.

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Except against ANI which I previously mentioned.


I wasn't trying to fence with you or anything, I was just clarifying.

You'd think after the apple commercial explaining the word people would know how to use it correctly
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If you have the phone number than you can do a "reverse" phone search just google it.

If the persons number was blocked when they called you, either *69  or if its important the phone company

Its also possible that the number will be listed on your bill.

Cell phones are hard to look up because they aren't listed in the phone book.

You can try doing something like a reverse phone search which will tell you the subscriber and then going to the subscribers site and try searching for it

or just googling the number it might be on someones myspace or other public profile

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