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need help with my tv tunner


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fist i want to say hi to everyone on the forum and the show, love the show, spent the last few days watching all the 1st season and the 2nd.

but my question is how do i set up my tv tunner card so that i can change the chanle on my computer and not have to change it on my cable box.

my tv tunner model is tv2000 XP Series Model 3 and the program that cam with is is winfast pvr and the company that makes the card is leadtek and my cable box is a motorola.

I was thinking that there should be a way that i can set up the cables so that  it will allow me to change channels on my computer and or with my cable box and not just my cable box.    thanx in advance

any help would be kool



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I think what you need is a TV card which can receive cable transmissions. It won't be able to decrypt encrypted channels, but you will be able to watch all free cable channels and switch channels on your computer.

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but how do i set up the hardware part of it cause it says in my book that i should be able to  but it doesnt tell me how to set up the hardware part. as in how the cable should be set up.

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Not that I have much experience with cable TV. But when I look at reviews about this card I don't see that you can connect this to the cable TV cable directly.

It has a analog RF tuner allowing you to connect a cable box to it (through the worst possible connection) and to pick up over the air analog transmissions. You won't be able to control your cable box directly from the computer with out (say) a IR transmitter.

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