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A few question about U3


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hey guys, just got a new 2GB toshiba, "transmemory" usb drive

i couldn't care less about u3, basically just got it for switchblade/hacksaw

a few questions that i haven't been able to get answers to by looking around

1: i have a toshiba drive, will it matter if i get launchpad updates for sandisk drives?

2: i copied all the files that originally came on the drive and made an iso file of the cd drive that comes on the u3 disk. This is to make sure that i can recover my original launchpad and functionality after messing about. Is there anything else i should do first

3: as i said, i don't really care for u3, i plan on just flashing the iso part of the drive with a black cd, is that the most appropriate way of doing this. this site: http://www.u3.com/uninstall/uninstall.aspx is completely unhelpful

4: is there a nice easy installer to get U3 back onto your drive if you uninstall it, my feeling about this is no, but wanna check anyway

thanks if you can answer any of the above

EDIT: i have since used the universal launchpad hacker link

a very nice and easy to use tool that i think is a hacked version of one of the branded U3 update tools

worked fine for me (i have added that fact to the wiki) and now i can put whatever iso i want onto the iso part of the drive

i have made a backup of the original iso and was able to restore U3 functionality back to the drive, so no problems at all there

it's important to note though, i don't think toshiba have an "install u3" utility the way that sandisk or others do

all of the U3 stuff was on the drive when i got it, there was no software or CD with the drive other than what was on there already

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