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HeadPhone Jack Problem on Laptop Running Suse10.2


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well, i've successfilly installed suse10.2, got vlc, download cool themes and icons.. but i have 1 problem... i am runnning suse10.2 on my laptop, Acer Aspire 5580.. and when i plug in my headphone, i get the sound on my headphone, but the sound form the speakers dont mute. I played around with ALSAMix alittle and i see PCM and Headphone's volume controls.. so i tried to lower my PCM and higher my headphone vol. but instead, nowthing happeded... my master volume is only reacting to PCM and not Headphone even while my headphone is still plugged in. i get both the sound comming frm my headphone and pc speakers.. my headphnoe volume on AlsaMix is now working at all, my audio device as set to autodetect btw... must i like install any restricted drivers or anything like that?

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- What is yous sound card's type/make/model (lspci -v)?

- What is your kernel version (uname -a)?

- What version are your alsa libs and programs (see your package manager. Hint: alsamixer -v)?

Read this. Just over halfway through the page in the Audio section he talks about the (identical) problem he had, and how he got a patch that fixes it for his card.

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