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Tri-boot problem


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Hey guys curious about something. I was tri-booting Vista, XP and Linux (Back|Track). I re-installed Vista and I had a feeling it was going to overwrite the bootsector? Now upon boot my system doesn't see BT at all. I'm just wondering is there a way I can set it back to the way I had it without re-installing BT?

I was using lilo. It would first prompt me to boot either BT or Vista, I would select Vista which would load Vista's bootloader and let me select either Vista or XP.

If I could get it back to that or if I can even use lilo without using Vista's boot loader that would be great:)

I was kinda thinking maybe in XP using VMware running BT if I could somehow then set lilo to be the bootloader if that'll work?

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Man you are quick:) Umm the thing is though now when booting it don't see lilo at all. It just goes straight to the Vista boot loader. Also I did try that, pointing to the Vista partition and the vista partition and it didn't work, but I could have not done it properly.

The only way I can access BT now is off liveCD... hmmm... I bet I could probably use the liveCD mount the BT partition and then re-initialize lilo :)

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