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Disk cloning


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I'm looking for a free disk cloning program that will copy my entire hdd to a network computer. It needs to boot from a cd and can put the image on a network share preferably compressed and cant be os specific.  I found some but they dont do what i want. Anyone know of a good one?

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Any linux live CD that supports your netowrk card (I recommend Ubuntu :D) which will give you use of the dd and netcat commands.

On the receiving computer run some thing like:

netcat -l -p 8673 >> hdimagefile

On the transmitting computer:

dd if=/dev/hda | netcat -n <ip of computer> -p 8673

This is perhaps the simplest method, but it has a few issues. For one, if the reciving computer receives any traffic on port 8673 that will make it's way in to the image.

May be my methodology is completely wrong, I mean, I'v never done this my self, but there's no particular reason it won't work that I can see :P

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I've fairly certain that -n isn't needed, and that -p is wrong for the transmitting computer, it should just be "netcat <ip> <port>" (although netcat is usually called nc rather than netcat in my experience).

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Ok if i did it that way how would i restore the image?

Boot off a live CD that has netcat on it (most Linuxes out there probably do. The security distros are sure to).

On the image hosting computer

dd if=hddimage | nc -l -p 8763

And on the machine you want to image:

nc &lt;ip&gt; -p 8763 | dd of=/dev/hdX

Also kinda off topic but if i had a file with one name per line, how could i rename a bunch of folders to match those in the file?

I don't understand the question. Going through a file one line at a time is easy, but how do you see the 'renaming a bunch of folders' part? Does the file contain foldernames that should have some text prepended or something? What?

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I want to rename some folders based on what is in the file. For example the file contains the following.





And the folders are






Is it possible to have a script read the file and rename folder 1 to ABC, folder 2 to ABCD, 3 to ABCDE, etc....?

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for word in `cat file`
do COUNTER=$(($COUNTER + 1))
    mv /path/to/"$word" /path/to/$COUNTER

Set the IFS variable to just newlines to allow the word variable to be the full line.

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