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Copy Hard Drive Image To DVD Over Network?


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Agreed, Acronis can do it, but its gonna take a fuck load of time to do it, is there actaly that much of a need to image ur HDD? eve if u do image it, how the fuck are u gonna roll it out again? well i supos if u got a DVD rom it helps, buit still. just by a cheap ass HDD the same size as ur current, and backup to that, most HDD's these days are cheap, such as 30$ for a 60gb

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Acronis True Image can do that but it would be over 2 dvds for a 60GB hardrive. You get a 15 day trial.

Huh? Over 2? That is true, but it seems like a strange thing to say since it would take at least 7 DVDs. Why not over 5, which would then at least wouldn't be several hundred percent out?

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I want to backup my game server with it, but be able to recover faster. Currently I just backup the files seperatly

What you want is not hard drive imaging (unless you want a single image which you will never change). Creating an image of the hard drives requires the server to be offline for the duration. Instead what you want is simple file backup, rsync and ssh can accommodate you there.


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