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Confused with BackTrack 2

Justin Ewing

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i have backtrack 2 on a cd, the problem is when i boot it up on my mac and i get the log in screen . it saids to put in root as the log in and toor as the password . when i type it out it comes out like this rroooott. it puts two letters for everything i type. so then i boot it up in my desktop and i get it to log in but then what? i dnt knno how to get to back track os fro there? can some one help me?

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BackTrack was not designed to work with a Mac. It was designed to work on PC's. The Keyboard problem is due to the way the Keyboard is interpreted to the System. Treating KeyDown and KeyUp as a press but the Operating system recognizes this as one KeyPress. Mac OS and Ubuntu Mac (and whatever system there is for a Mac) will do this. Mabey if you write to Remote-Exploit Nicely they might make a mac edition.

On a PC, once you are logged in you have to type xstart for a KDE Desktop Enviroment. There are two other options for desktop enviroments aswell but I can't remember them. I think on starts KDE in safe mode and the other starts Xfce.

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A Mac (at least an x86 Mac, which is what BT would run on) *is* a PC.

Well, I have run it but i have to use a Non Apple Keyboard as the Apple ones double type.

i have a macbook

I use a MacBook aswell. I still plug in another keyboard.

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