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For Sale - Poweredge 4600


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Hey guys, I decommissioned a Poweredge 4600 4U server from work and was running it at home for a while. This server has way too much horsepower for what I am using it for, so I am moving to a more compact unit at home, maybe a Poweredge 2950.


# Model: PowerEdge 4600

# Service Tag: 6QZWL51

# Processor: (2x) DUAL CORE Xeon 3.0GHz

# Processor Cache: 512K

# Installed RAM: 10240MB DDR

# Hard Drive(s): (7x) 73GB Ultra 320 SCSI - 3x 15k, 4x 10k

# Optical Drive(s): CD-ROM

# Floppy Drive: Yes

# Raid Controller: PERC3

# Network: IntelĀ® PRO/1000 MT Dual Port Server Adapter

# Power Supply: (4x) 275 Watt

# Software: No Software is included

# Condition: Used

# Warranty: 108 Day's Gold Premium Support and ONSITE from DELL

If anyone is interested in Buying this beast, the ebay link is below. I can work on the shipping prices/cost of server with you.


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"The Hak5 forums aren't eBay, but if you want to try and hock your widgets here feel free and keep it in 'everything else'. We don't claim responsibility when it comes to transactions between users or anything of that nature."

Just need to make this clear.

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