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Streaming audio and video over home network


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Hey, is there a way to stream my desktop's media to my (mac) laptop easily?

I would prefer it not to have to use any external applications besides a browser, but I'm willing to compromise.

I've looked at Jinzora (promising, but I don't like that you have to use iTunes), orb (which you have to do accounts online and stuff), and a few others that were just audio.

Does anybody know of one or have an alternate idea?

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If you really would prefer to stream than share the files to play locally, try VLC, it can stream audio and video over a network.

Erm, could you give an example of how this works?  Read my profile for why :-P.

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I cant seem to connect to my desktop from my mac...  it says the alias 'computername' could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found.

EDIT: If it makes a difference, people can't seem to connect to my DNSed website (hosted on the same computer) either, through various DNS places or direct IP address.  (though I can from my home network)

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Hey Moo, that error is pretty common but ive never investigated it, try using the fix alias option that usually works for me, or simply exit from the error window wait a min and the connection will appear (%70 of the time)....I know those are lame solutions but it works fine for me.

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