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Help Sparda, he has problems


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me = unhappy

I spent a fair amounot of money getting the equipment for a PVR, I have a computer sitting and waiting for the hardware, i get the hardware, i put MythTV in the CD drive, the computer constatntly restarts when using the new TV out graphics card, when not using the graphics card I get no TV out. Also the HVR-1300 I got doesn't work propperly, it's detected, but when I tell MythTV to show the stream, nothing happens.

Question: "What should Sparda do?"

A. Use windows *shudder*

B. Send the card back and get one that is properly supported (I got this one becasue it came with a remote control and supports Digital terestrial.

C. Your surgestion

Note: I did resurch it's supportability under Linux, and I found that it was supported, unfortunatly I later lerned it isn't supported by MythTV (yet).

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Try a different GFX Card if you have one available.

Try Windows or a different Distro of Linux to see if the hardware does work correctly and it is a MythTV problem.

If you send stuff back and it works fine then they will probably charge you for it.

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I know this is a temprimental computer, it didn't like any of the AGP cards I fited it with (AGP port is (speaking technicly) fucked), but all PCI ones seem to work, atleast untill you start booting an operating system.

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