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PHPBB3 RC1 Released!!


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please explain har har... total reliance on mods how? its the same as any other software, it does what it was designed to do and if you need more functionality then yea you need mods. I run my site without mods and i have no problems. Admin section seems pritty darn good to me... bit complicated but its a hell of alot better then phpbb2.. i haven't seen the admin side of smf but how does it compare to phpbb3?

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Install it and see, SMF is far far better. The phpBB dev team have time and time again said that even things like a package management  system shouldn't be part of the base install. So not only do you need mods to get features like an error log for the forums or pulling up a list of forum staff, you need to manually install a mod to install the other mods. Spam was another simple thing that phpbb sucked at, yeah, i could mod it but then the other mods broke or registration broke (ultimate anti-spam mod). Since the switch to SMF I don't think we've had one bot register. Its just poorly designed and makes even the simplest of tasks (removing the bazillion spammers who signed up every day) take fucking forever. A very big area where SMF excells is in the user permissions, far easier to setup groups and allow them to do certain things in certain area's, with phpBB, it was another mod. Plus, when you start to get to large amounts of users, posts and traffic phpBB just falls apart without more modification. Something I could never be arsed to waste my life on, so I choose a forum software that did everything I wanted to modify into phpBB in the base install and that made installing mods pretty much a one click operation.

Basically, if your looking at PHPBB3, don't. There are better forum scripts out there, SMF being one of the best in its price range IMO.

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