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Changing mac keychain password without permissions (mabey)


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Hi well to start off i figured it might be time for me to actaculy contribute to these forums so here goes...

well the school i go to currently uses an apple system, and my friend and i were mucking around in applications when we found this (lol), the key chain password is basically a password needed to preform certiant tasks like going to web pages... any way this is how we changed it (im not sure of the privilages needed) got to aplications (apple+shift+A) and go down to the bottom their should be a folder called "utilities" go into it and find "keychain Access" open it up and create a new key chain(use a password and name you can remember), once this is done go into your name folder whitch should be located on the bar to the left of a normal folder window once in the folder look for key chains now if you have done the stuff up to here correctly there should be two key chains (the one you made) and one other (for my friend and I it was login.keychain), delete the login.keychain and change the name of your other one to the same as the one you deleted.

with this done log out then back in and hopefully you have a working keychain and can do all the stuff your teachers do (lol). hope it works for others as well as it did for my friend and I.

P.S about a month later the principal came into the class and told us when he couldn't get ours to work the pass word was *&^%$#@ lol


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...says you.

Anyway, if you're gonna "hax teh skool" I can't stop you or anyone else doing it. I don't have the energy to say *yet again* how much of a really stupid idea it is to do so, but I will say that none of us will be held responsible if you get caught and punished.

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first of all, all the pass word is is a little thing that it asks us a pass when ever we go on ichat or an internet browser, second the principal told us the pass.

and last but not least I LIKE SCHOOL WHY WOULD I HACK IT!!! any way the server keeps records so what would i do look at porn lol no way it would get picked up and sent right to the principal.

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