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CD/DVD-R won't read disc's


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Hey guys I'm having a bit of a problem with my DVD-RAM drive. Weird cause I don't believe I installed any 3rd. party software right before I started having this problem it just happened one day. So I then decide to try installing Alcohol 120% before realizing that the drive just won't read disc's at all. I do currently have PowerISO installed and Neto v6. I uninstalled Aclohol 120.

I've had this problem before a couple times actually and usually it was some registry keys that needed to be deleted, but this time that doesn't seem to solve the issue. It usually was the following registry key:




AMD AthlonXP 1800

640 MB Ram

XP Pro SP2


Matshita DVD-Ram SW-9585

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It sure doesn't appear to be reading them outside of windows. At least during boot it did not read a bootable linux distro or the XP disc at boot. I'm not wanting to believe the drive itself is bad one thing that's weird is I guess physically it appears it reads the disc, because usually on a bad cd/dvd drive when inserting a disc it will usually just keep spinning over and over with the light flashing like it's trying to read it. This one after a few seconds the light goes out as normal like it knows theres a disc there just can't read it. My other CD-R/DVD-Rom combo drive is working fine. Well I haven't tried recording yet, but it's reading disc's fine.

Sucks if the drive is bad but if so oh well, time for a light scribe drive:)

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