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Vista Only: Autorun on Non-U3 Drives Works By Default!


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Microsoft chose the wrong time to add this functionality to Windows, that's for sure. Turns out, Windows Vista now actively searches newly inserted removable media (like USB flash drives) for an autorun.ini to execute.

Kinda surprised me when Pstart came up all by itself when I plugged in my clean (non-switchblade) flash drive.

Yeah, it's kinda useless until someone builds a more Vista compatible switchblade, but it does open up some new doors for those of us who don't have U3 flash drives.

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just goes to show you something

all the effort that went into making U3, ie, emulating a CD on a USB device using modified hardware. You can have exactly the same functionality if you just get windows to look for an autorun.ini on a regular USB device

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