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Need your help: DVD Interviews

Darren Kitchen

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We want to put some interviews on the DVD as an addition to the behind the scenes stuff. I'm looking for questions you would like to see taken.

Obvious stuff is "How did Hak.5 originally come to be?" and "What has been the hardest part in doing the show?"

Your questions and input is much appreciated.


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How did you go about choosing locations and buillding a set when you first started out?

How did you get equipment for the first show?

Where would be a good place to go to talk to people about starting out?

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Have any of you ever been recognized "on the street"?

What are your visions for the future of IPTV as a whole? Do you see larger IPTV "networks" forming, or will the "little guy" still be able to break into the scene?

Do you think IPTV will be able to stay free? What are your thoughts on potential business models for IPTV shows like your own and others?

Are there any niches in IPTV that you think have yet to be filled, or have room for other shows to fill?

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What are the legal considerations you have when making a show about hacking?

Would you ever want Hak.5 to become more than a "underground" IPTV show?

How does making a popular IPTV show effect your day to day life?

How much beer gets consumed in the production phase of each episode?

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If some n00b and his tomboy female friend came knocking on your door with a challenge, would you let them into your house?

If those same 2 people would tell you some crazy story about a virus causing oil spills tomorrow, would you help them, even if a TV network that wishes to remain anonymous has shown an interest in Hak.5?

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