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does anyone play wolfenstien enemy teritory?


DO you play wolfenstine enemy territory?  

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    • no

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I used to play ET. It's best at LAN parties though. There was one mini LAN I was at once... it was 4 of us against 4 or 5 bots on some really hard skill. We managed to beat them though.

I made a pretty good medic actually... and somehow I managed to get the highest score in 1 round even though medics don't get much ammo.

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its a good idea even tho is a crap game ;)

cos it being free and all

Free == crap huh? So Hak.5 is crap? Linux is crap? Purepwnage is crap? Not to mention Firefox.

I think he means it's a good idea because the game is free; so we can all play it.

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