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Anyone care to suggest a decent low-budget webcam?


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Exactly what it says in the title really. I'm currently using a Trust Spacecam 120 that someone bought me a good few years ago and unfortunetely it's rather awful. Looking to upgrade it to something watchable at more than 330x330 (it really is that bad) but don't want to spend a lot of money on it :).

All I've come up with so far is the MSI StarCam 370i, but there seems to be some mixed reviews on that - with most summarising that you get a good webcam for the money, but that's about it.

It will just be used for standard internet chatting i.e. via skype, and so still image quality is not important. Preferred price would be £20 ($40-$45) or under if possible :).

Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.

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