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pandora pauses when not the active window ?!?


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pandora's Jar is great.  no complaints or questions there.  thanks to all who work on it.

my current problem happens with regular pandora. com as well as pandora's jar localhost.  thought maybe y'all could help.

it only just started today-- pandora works, plays, etc when it is the active window and tab in firefox. 

if i go to another tab, or another window, another program, even the taskbar or the desktop, the music pauses. 

it doesn't cut out- it pauses -- when i go back to the pandora tab it picks up where it left off. 

has anyone heard of this happening before?

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I noticed that after 60 minuets of page inactivity Pandora automatically pauses with a message like "We think you have stopped listening. If you haven't we apologies". I don't think the same thing is happening in this instance how ever.

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