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~ Analog.5 eZine Information & Guidelines


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Main Page - Here

Static Mirror - Here

Email - Analog5@live.com

IRC - irc://irc.hak5.org/hak5 -- Ask for Famicoman

Staff: Famicoman

Who: The Hak5 community!

What: Analog.5 is a community based ezine by the Hak5 community, for the Hak5 community.

Where: Analog5 is created throughout the community. It is released through the wiki, irc, as well as official/unofficial mirrors.

When: The ezine will be released when there are a total of 10 submissions.

Why: The Hak5 community is a great resource housing many people who posses knowledge and will to teach others, but don't have the medium. Analog5 acts as a way for people who want to share their ideas, tutorials, etc a way to do so all withing the comfort of the community.

How: You can easily become part of the ezine by submitting an article you have written to Analog5@live.com. Please include your email address at the end of the article if you wish to receive credit as well as your website and nickname for credit. You can also use this email address to purpose columns, send feedback, or even to say that you mirrored an issue or two. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Submission Guidelines

Submitting an article is easy, but there are rules and guidelines.

  • No Anarchy, this is a hacking zine.
  • Hak5 has an extended audience. You know what is appropriate in the way of language.
  • We ask all articles are submitted in English. Main magazine will be in English, but we may want translations if there is demand, so you can send your article in other languages.
  • No mature themes.
  • You have a full keyboard, use it.
  • Avoid being vague.
  • Please, this will be released in txt. No pictures unless in Ascii.
  • Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated at all, and result in a ban from article submission.

Submission Suggestions

These items of this list are not mandatory, but could only help.

  • The formating for Analog5 is formatted at 74(Not counting the two spaces before each text line) text characters per line. You can pre-format your article by using this rule. The easiest way is to copy and paste a header from a previous issue, and use it as a guide, never passing the edges.
  • Explain how you would like to be credited. Tell whether or not you want to name, nickname, website, and email address exposed if at all.
  • Have fun with it.
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