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Team Number - 51258

Stats Page - Here

Detailed Stats Page - Here

Client Download - Here

Wiki - Here

IRC - irc://irc.hak5.org/hak5 -- Ask for Famicoman

Who: The Hak5 Community, with all of their infinite wisdom and processing power.

What: A Folding@Home team. The Stanford Folding@Home project is one of distributed computing. The Stanford servers send your computer "work units". These units, also known as proteins, are then folded using excess cycles from your processor, designed not to disrupt whatever you are currently doing. The project aims to see how proteins fold, how they misfold, and ultimately how to help with the diseases this misfolding causes.

When: 24/7 or however long you wish to participate in the group. The client works best when you let it do its thing without turning off your computer. The project is open to anyone willing to join the team, always. If you want to fold, we can hook you up.

Where: Your computer! Your computer(s), work computer, servers, BBSs, PBXs, etc. Just about any computer can fold a unit on a variety of operating systems. There are also standalone clients for things such as your Sony Playstation 3.

Why: Through the use of the Folding@Home project, more research can be done into diseases affecting many people. By understanding how proteins fold and how some misfold, more information becomes available on how to fix and prevent problems caused by misfolds.

How: Simply download the client from the link above for your operating system of choice, enter in a name for yourself, and the Hak5 team number 51258 where appropriate and let the client do its work. Its all that simple.

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