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Hi all, I have a set of files on a server at work that get updated every few days from a second DEPT.  and I need a way to copy only the changes to an USB HD, I would use a simple copy command but its over 30GB of data.  I'm running windows :(.  I was thinking of using something like rsync but I would really like it to run from the USB HD.  Thanks

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It would be really easy to do this. (from what i understand)

Make a Batch Script to Copy the Data to the USB Drive. (i would put this in C:)

And then use the "at" command in command prompt to make the system do it every so often. I cannot remember how you use the "at" command. It was in one of the Season 1 Episodes.

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I use unison for something similar. With some appropriate command line switches it works fine from one drive to another without much hassle.

Looks like a great migration tool.

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