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cd image + dvd = ???


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It won't work, the formats are different.

However, DVD Decrypter (now called something else and lacking the DVD decrypting features) can convert images on the fly when you choose a CD ISO and use DVD media.

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/sheds tear for dvd-decrypter

That program was great. I still use it to recover scratched dvd's. Its the only program I have found that can recover a dvd that was nearly destroyed by a 12month old baby who decided to used it as a musical instrument. The nice thing about it was it could work around errors on the disk and just pad them with empty whatever's. Great prog, and will be missed, but if you were lucky enough to have a copy, KEEP A BACKUP of it!!

It's sad how programs like thisactually have a good purpose, yet they get shutdown because...well, I am not going to rant in this thread about it, but yeah, great program. Even for legit use...

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