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Post here if you are coming to the Hak5 EU Meetup


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The wiki is back up now, please use that to register your intent to come: clicky

This isn't a FOSSUG meetup... but you can talk about FOSS if you want.

OK, this thing needs to be organised properly soon, August is in less than 2 months and some people need decent advanced notice of details. This thread is to get an idea of how many people are coming, so post here if you intend to come (looks like it will be 2nd weekend of August). Don't start discussing anything else in here, if you want to do that use the other thread, I want to keep this thread clean.

The people who are coming so far (I'm only including people who post in this thread)













nxt471 (?)



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i live about 50 miles from london... am 24. so no restrictions there...apart from im a bit newbieish when its comes to most this. [cowers in corner bowing down to extreme ammounts of knowlege]

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Hey relax man. I have no idea what to expect either, but the worst that could happen is that I spend some time checking out london, and go out drinking with some people that I've been talking with for some time which should still be plenty cool.

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