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Security Camera + Cell Phone


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Hey guys, me and a friend were talking about security setups today, mainly video surveillance. The idea came to mind that what if you had a wireless camera or somehow could connect/check the wireless security camera through a cell phone, via php, apache or so? I don't think it would be something hard to do and just thought I would throw the idea out there in case someone else has not thought/tried it.

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I would think you could set them up on your LAN as normal, and with a smart phone you could view the vids as normal in any other browser. Not sure about the lower end phones though. I know I can't stream video on my V3M Razr.

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Yea I'll check them out, I've watched them before I just can't remember too well I thought they did cover something like that though. I just figured I would throw the idea out there in case no one else has thought of it or attempted, which im sure someone's probably already done it. It'll be awhile before I attempt to do it, but I think it'll be cool.

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