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Forwarding ports... Remotely?


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Hey all!

I currently live in Turkey - country of bad, slow Internet and incompetent government-paid admins.  (Well, there are many skilled people but they pretty much all work in a private sector).

There are a couple of ISPs here, but eventually all the "pipes" go through a central behemoth of TTnet (Turkish Telecom Net).  The guys at TTnet decided that MMOs are taking too much bandwidth and dumped all the ports used in the games onto a single router.

Needless to say, since that "wonderful" development, the latency for all the players in Turkey skyrocketed.  In WoW for example (yes, yes, I know, WoW is bad for mental health, what can I do), the "typical" latency ON A GOOD DAY varies between 500-1500ms.  That's 1. 5 seconds between me clicking a button and a character responding.  Dreadful.

I was wondering if there is any way of tunneling the connection through normal ports such as 80 or 21 to a remote server outside of TTnet's dominion and then forwarding it to a correct one from there.

How I imagine is is:

Home comp: communicate with WoW server on WoW port

My local router: switch all the WoW traffic and forward it on port X to server Y

Y server: switch the port back from X to the WoW port and forward it to the destination.

Are there any online services that could be setup in such fashion? Does anyone have any experience with this kind of trickery? Any help would be appreciated, I am a complete n00b, haven't done any tunneling since university days long long ago.

By the way, the whole traffic should happen within Europe, since bouncing it all the way to US would probably create more latency than TTnet can.

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You just need to find a suitable proxy to route your traffic to on port 80, and from there out to the world. So, you buy a server in Europe, setup a VPN and use that.

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