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Book on assembly language


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I'm looking for a book on assembly language from amazon, I cut a deal with my brother so that he will buy me one.

Can anyone recommend me any books on assembly? x86 CPU.

EDIT: I'm looking for a book on regular Intel assembly rather than on Linux or Windows assembly.

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I actually ordered the printed copy of all 4 books that this series consisted of when they were still limited to 32 bit. From what I understood Intel was at that time required to provide these manuals at their expense to anyone who wanted them after that lost some class action lawsuit.

These manuals describe in microscopic detail every aspect of every instruction in the IA32 and IA64 instruction set. Don't expect ASM examples though. That's not the purpose of the books.

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Most people will tell you that the Art of Assembly is the best place to go, I have some philisophical issues with High-level assembly, so I stand by my above recommendation.

In regards to the books Cooper mentioned, they preovide AMAZING reference, but you really don't need/want them until you understand how assembly works. That is, you don't need to read about PSRLW until you can explain

mov eax, 1

mov ebx, 0

int 80h

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