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How do i change the...

Mr Andrewson

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Is this even a serious question? Why don't you just ask your so called friend to change it back.

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So, you mean to get rid of the stupid blurry grass image i have to delete a .ini file?

You should edit it to make sur there isnt any other setting sin the file first. There should be a line giving the path to the grassy image, and that line and probably the one above it should be removed.

Similar to something like this:


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wait, are you on vista? Becasue that only works in 98 and xp. If on vista, there is probably a registry entry to do that. Desktop.ini for vista uses other methods, like .ShelLClassInfo, etc but I do no know exactly what string it would use for vista. If the .ini file exists in the c: folder then see what is in there and let the rest of us know :wink:

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