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x2vga ~ Is it legit?


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Well some online shops seem to be selling it and there are a number of reviews listed from a simple Google search, so I would say yes, it's legitimate. Do you post on forums asking that about every product you are considering buying?

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I use a similar VGA box to use my Wii in 480P over VGA:


(I didn't order from Console Plus, just the first google result)

The resulting image is perfect and nothing seems to be lost in the conversion from component to VGA, the only issue with the VGA box I use is that it doesn't do 480i conversion so I have to swap cables if something doesn't do progressive scan like the Everybody Votes channel. From what I read when I was shopping around pretty much anything that can convert 480P component to VGA will work, there doesn't seem to be any compatibility issues. I only got the model I did because I only wanted it for my Wii and I could source it locally, not sure if your after any other features.

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