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Pandora requiring a flash upgrade now?


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Last time I used pandora's jar (a week or two ago), things were going smoothly - I had manually downgraded to flash 8.

Now when I try to use it, I get a "hey you have to upgrade flash" notice from Pandora. I haven't updated my installation of flash or anything.

Is anyone else getting this now?

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which fix did you use?

if you used tis one

Step 1: Go to C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEApplication DataMozillaFirefox

Step 2: Right click on a file named pluginreg

Step 3: open with notepad

Step 4: Press Ctrl + F

Step 5: type in the word "flash" then press enter

you will see a line named(example)


Shockwave Flash 8.0 xxx R22|$

Shockwave Flash|$


0|application/x-shockwave-flash|Macromedia Flash movie|swf|$

Step 6: locate the 8.0 xxx R22

Step 7: replace the 8.0 xxx R22


9.0.21 d55

then save changes and close

then you may need to redo it  as when a plugin in firefox is updated, that dat file gets reset the fix needs to be done again, (happens once in a while when  a new version of firefox comes out or if you update a pdf reader or some other plugin

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