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slow wrt54g and wrt54gs


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hey people I have a problem.

I have a ADSL connection (PPoA) and I have tried to connect a linksys WRT54g (and wrt54gs) to it.

I am fairly experienced with this stuff but Im stuck.  I'v tried multiple modes and hardware:

1)Bridged Mode

2) Double NAT

3) Changed ADSL Modem

4) I even have changed the wrt54g to a wrt54gs

5) Loads of different firmware (dd-wrt,orignal,hyperwrt,hyperwrt thibor)

The problem is is that the web surfing is very slow especially in the evenings.  The browser will hang on "Connecting to. . " or "Waiting for. . ".

Now I know you might think this sound like my ISP's fault however before when I just had the one router (no Linksys's involved), the speed was fine.  Both my Linksys units were "Factory refurbished" from ebay but could this be a fault in both of them?

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Have you tried monitoring your machines and your network bandwidth for a week? You might see a spike in traffic. Also, if you use P2P, make sure you allow a large amount of connections with a small time out value.

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i havn't used any monitoring software. So actually increasing connections would help? I think my brother uses bitcomet (sigh) which mite lock it down however I'm still not convinced that's the cause. Could this possible be a hardware fault in both the units? Like does it even sound like one?

Cheers :)

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Yeah, make your brother use a static local IP and port above 1024 for bitcomet and forward that port to his IP on the router. Then change the max connections to 4096 and the timeout value to 120 seconds, and lastly go into the QOS settings, prioritize ports bellow 1024 and stuff like http, https, ftp or whatever you use, and set his bit torrent traffic to bulk. This should mean that when you browse the web, his torrent speeds back off. You will need to use DD-WRT for this, but openWRT is more than capable of doing this, it just has no gui.

You will also want to enforce the 1 torrent up, 1 torrent down rule with your brother.

To monitor your router bandwidth usage, use something like MRTG and SNMP or RFLOWcollector.

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