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How many CDs does it take to stop a bullet?


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Wooooah! Got quite a bit more than even I bargained for here.

The point I was making is that I, in my virtually gun-free environment otherwise known as The Netherlands, only people who honestly and provably *require* the ownership of a gun can get their hands on one. They need to obey strickt rules, as they are posessing a rather lethal piece of machinery that requires skill and respect to safely and sensibly operate.

If you were to be one of the lucky few to have a gun permit in .nl (and for the record, that includes an uncle of mine who's with a shooting club. He's got a handgun in his living room in an armageddon-proof box with the bullets hidden in a safe elsewhere in the house of which he refused to specify the location) and you were seen doing shit like this you'd get a rather large group of armed troopers coming at you guns drawn, you'll be disarmed, taken into custody until your permit is proven to be valid, after which it'll probably be shredded in front of you, your gun will be taken away from you and you'll have to convince a judge that what you did was within reason to get away with merely a stiff fine as opposed to jail time.

I consider guns to be rather serious pieces of hardware. When you're going "heh, I wonder what happens when I put a bullet through THIS', you're not showing off your marksmanship like you would with skeet shooting. You're trying to prove you have a cool gun because it puts a big-ass hole into something or does a lot of damage on impact. You're treating those guns as toys, and I would very much hate people to consider guns toys.

And for what it's worth, I liked the episode (though I could hardly hear you speak at the beginning due to the wind). I simply didn't approve of the subject matter.

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I liked the episode. Should have shot the hard drive through the platters though, instead of dead center on the motor.  :)

Until they can uninvent the gun(never), bad people will always be able to get them.

The only way to even the playing field is for law abiding citizens to have the right to own them.

The sticky part is figuring out who can and cannot legally buy and own firearms.

Clearly some people should not be able to, as demonstrated in the VT tragedy. But where do you draw the line

and how deep do you let the government into your personal business.

To quote a cliche, "I'd rather have a gun and not need it, that need a gun and not have it."

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honestly, for all intents and purposes, gun bans are useless. the cheapest way to get a gun is illegally. often a fully loaded 9 mmm pistol can be obtained for something like 175$

banning legal ownership of guns just makes it so that the only people with gunsa re the people who get them illegally.

and odds are, the people who get them illegally are most likely to use them to kill PEOPLE.

although i have to agree that automatic weapons dont qualify for home defense.

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