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Linux on ps2 without harddrive?


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I do not believe that the way you want it to be done has ever been done or even if its possible. You would have to custom make an installer that would recon the memory card as a useable drive and then you would need to partition it so you can install the Sony Linux Boot Loader on it, There would also have to be loads of hardware tweaks in the OS to be made. If it hasen't been done now then it most likely will never be done.

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Your PS2 is out of petrol... you need to replace this. Sony charge big bucks for this service, but good news Timmy! You can do it for much cheaper yourself! It's really simple, you just need to drill a small hole in the case big enough for a funnel. Don't worry, it doesn't void the warrently if your careful! Then just pour a gallon of the finest quality gas into the funnel. A little may spill out the fan holes, this is normal. Once your done, just power it up and enjoy your new Linux enabled PS2... for free!

(brought to you by People Who Don't Like Other People)

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Tip: Once you've booted to PS2 Linux as described by VaKo, you might like to celebrate with a cigarette or some lovely candles for mood-lighting - maybe even some incence sticks for a little scent to get you in the /root mood... :D

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Step One: Build Linux PC

Step Two: Hold Linux PC in front of you, get a friend to hold the PS2 in front of them.

Step Three: Run at each other really really fast and the Linux PC will fuse with the PS2 on collision.

As far as I know there is no way of doing this without modifying the hardware or shelling out the money to buy the PS2 Linux package.

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You can run linux on your ps2 with a standard usb keyboard, mouse and hdd.

The only thing that would be hard to get hold of is a ps2 to pc monitor adapter and the actual linux ps2 install/boot disks.

If you really wanna make use of your ps2 as a linux system then order a kit.

If not then buy a 2nd hand xbox with old firmware on it and install linux on that.

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