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Windows Rearanging Icons


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Whenever I restart my lappy, Windows rearranges the icons on my desktop.  I think it rearranges them by name but I'm not sure.  Also the icons in my quick launch bar get rearranged.  Is this a bug somewhere in the system?  How can I fix it?  I'm running XP Home.

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This tweak is a personal favorite of mine.  Basically it allows you to save the current positions of your

desktop icons so that if the icons are rearranged or moved you can restore them back to these original

positions at any time.  To give you this added functionality in XP, do the following:

1.  Download the file Layout. zip (mirror: here) and extract the contents to an empty directory.

2.  Copy the file Layout. dll to your WindowsSystem32 directory.

3.  Double?click on the Layout. reg file to automatically make the appropriate changes to your Registry.

4.  Go to your Desktop and arrange all your icons as you would like them to be saved.

5.  Once done, right?click on the Recycle Bin and select the new ?Save Desktop Icon Layout? option.  The

positions of all the icons are now saved.  You can move the icons around freely and whenever you want

them restored to their original saved positions, right?click on Recycle Bin again and select ?Restore

Desktop Icon Layout?.

From the Tweaking Companion.

hxxp: www. pcnineoneone. com/tweaks/layout. zip  Why isn't it showing up as a link??? and fix the hxxp to http

Sorry I don't know how to fix it permanently, but this works well for me and may be useful while your figuring it out.

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Your reputation isn't high enough.  You can't post links.

PM or email me with your problem. Link withholding should be for people with zero posts only (your first post cannot contain a link)

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