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Level 9


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Awsome, okay, throughout the years, you know those shows that you completely forget about when they go off the air? Well, this was one of them.

Level 9 was about a group of "hackers" being brought together by an intelligence agency to fight crime etc. etc. I cannae remember a lot about it, but the show stuck in my memory as rocking.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else had ever had anything like this, a show that they saw a long time ago, and can remember a lil' bit about, but have no idea what it was called etc.

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level 9 sounds interesting. if there are google video / youtube links please share.

as for shows like that... i remember a cartoon on nickelodeon when i was a kid about two koala bears that lived in a tree outside a boys room. thats about all i remember. it think it was a little anime but really not sure.

then there was one about some archaeologists, at least two of them were kids/teens exploring mian temples or something.

thats the problem, we've got google. we can find it, if we know what search terms to use. me, I've got nothing.

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