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Something to help you get chicks


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Please check out my other thread



First off have good hygeian, basically don't stink.  Learn from the whole Baseball analogy.  You got to run the bases in order to get home, but let change it a bit.  Their are three things that you have to do.

#1  You have to talk to a girl.  Approach them, the worst that can happen is they say no.  Eventually you are going to find one that says yes.  Its best if you have something in mind, "like my friend is having a party, and I was wondering if you and your friends might want to come".  But it doesn't necessarily have to be something like that, it could just be, "Hi, my name is so and so, what yours".  Girls like confidence.  Even if your nervous, the fact that you approached them shows that you have confidence.  If you are having a conversation with a girl, listen to her, and try to talk about things that are relevant to what she likes.  Don't change the subject all of a sudden.  If you don't know anything about the subject that she is talking about, ask her to explain it.  If you havn't already noticed, most girls really like to talk.  Also, talk to her like she is a person.  Almost like a guy, but without the guy stuff, like farts, and crap like that.

#2  You have to kiss the girl.  Don't wait to long, like the next day.  If things are going good do it the first night/day you hang out with her.  Don't wait until the next time you see her, or you might end up in the friend zone.  I personally like doing it at a random moment, when she is not really expecting it.  Most girls actually like that.  I call it going in for the kill.  Don't ever ask a girl if you can kiss them, just do it.  I have only meet 2 girls that said they would rather be asked, and have meet dozens of other girls that said it would pouch the deal if a guy asked.

#3  Get laid.  Don't wait to long.  If a girl says that she doesn't have sex first time/night she meets a guy, be respectful, don't push it, and just say OK.  Call her, and have her come over the next day.  I have found that generally girls that say that will the next day, and will like the fact that you didn't harass them about it  .  If you wait to long, you run the risk of pouching the deal.  I think its because they are still hot from the night before.       

One last tip.  I don't like to dance, and I find that really loud bars and clubs just don't work for me.  Its hard to talk to girls when they can't hear you.  I have gotten a lot more girls at places that were a bit quieter.  But for some reason, a lot of my friends always want to go to the really loud places, even though they don't dance either, and it never seems to work out for them either.

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I was actually going to delete it, but Kateweb replied to it so fast, that I didn't have a chance to. It probably would help you get laid if you got a chick over to your house. 

I just thought that it was really cool, and I wanted people to see it.  Seems like this section might get more traffic.  It funny though, because this thread got hella views really fast.  I've been waiting half the day for people to reply to the other thread, and this one got 2 in less than an hour.

Anyways, I edited my original post, and added my method of getting chicks.  Hope that make you happy.

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I'm not  a big fan of putting Linux or BSD on people who aren't particularly technically minded's PCs. If they do more than browse the web and use a word processor, for instance they sometimes download and install bits of software and such, I've found putting *nix on their machine is a pretty good way to convince them Windows is a lot better; usually the first time some Windows only software they want to use won't install and there is no decent idiot-friendly alternative.

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But, for my mate who's sole use for the internet was porn, linux is fucking great. He can pretty much click anything he wants, as many times as he wants with impunity. His IT knowledge is slightly better than a toasters.

And my gf doesn't want Windows, Linux or BSD, she wants OSX. Its the only incarnation of *nix that is honestly ready for the consumer market. Ubuntu is very poor compared to OSX from the end users point of view.

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This totally back fired.  I was trying to get people to post on the other thread.  So did you guys watch the video?

I putting together a PC for my roommate, and I'm going to dual boot Linux, becasue he said he wanted to watch porn,a nd I don't want him fucking up my network.

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