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Energy drinks


Whats your fav. Energy drink  

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    • Rockstar
    • Bawls
    • Jolt
    • Red Bull
    • Other

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Up at school I usually work a lot of night shifts, midnight to 4am, or 7am, so I buy a lot of energy drinks or coffee. Starbucks (some think they're evil, I dont) double shots are quiet good, spent a lot of nights at the fron desk cracked out on 4 of those.

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Ask anyone on IRC what I'm doing on the 3rd and 4th of the month. I'm cracked out on so much redbull / mt. dew amp / anything i can get my hands on that it gets pretty bad. trying to post files to the torrent tracker when your hands are shaking is always fun.

damn, why do i kill myself over this.

/me looks forward to season break ;)

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