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Ep5 Show Notes ?


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Unfortunately, there used to be an old forum (as opposed to there having been a new forum, though I guess even the old forum was new at somepoint... anyways) for this most awsome of shows, Hak5.

In this forum were the Show Notes, containing all kinds of wonderous information and code, most of which rocked to high heaven.

Then the old forum went Kablewey, and all of the Show Notes went with it. Well... technically not true, 'cause Darren's got a copy on a hard drive somewhere, but since he and the rest of the cast are busy with the next ep Sidenote to Cast - please, give us something to tide us over, the natives are getting restless ;) he can't promise to give back the Show Notes to the forum 'till after the next show.

Aaaand I'm gone.

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I hate to say it, but I checked the other hard drive and I can't find them anywhere. I'm afraid we might have to re-write the missing show notes.

I really should have put them up on the wiki when I had the idea to back around episode 3. Or I should have kept better backups. I'm a geek, I should know better.

So flame your heart out, I take full responsability for the absense of the notes. :( Hopefully once we end the season soon we can revisit all these loose ends that we haven't been able to tackle between our crazy production schedule.

Ok, back to filming.

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this is bugging me as much as you guys, trust me. my inbox is full of this question. we're really going crazy right now getting ep10 out but i promise the show notes will return in a much better way after that release. it's top priority, right up there with the site redesign and dvd.

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