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Testing 1,2,3…

Ethan Hunt

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Hey Darren, the streaming looks just fine, so you might use this 4 the live show if it work like this.... At least in my opinion... But I came here 4 something else.... The music rocks :D All the best. Looking forward 2 the lan party tonight... I haven't played the game once but I still wanna try and kick ur as**s ;)


EDIT: Sorry, but it seems the lunch from Mubix is off the table :D

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The player on that page is flash. It is not a live stream. Any the wiser? ;)

I think he might have been talking about this: http://www.hak5.org/stream/

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It seems probable, but how could he think that size and quality of image is suitable for a live show?
because maybe more then 13 at a time can watch.

And if it were just a 1x1 pixel video 35000 times more people than that could watch, but it wouldn't be very enjoyable viewing.

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Actually it's at www.hak5.org/setcam and it's posted to the homepage's sidebar now.

And yes, looks like I owe Mubix lunch. I lost the bet. Damn you Mubix, but how was I to know that 160 people would be interested in seeing Kerby licking herself.

PS: It's kErby, not kIrby. It's short for Kerberos. She's our watch-cat, protector of the network, friends with the SmoothWall

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