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So, I was browsing around empornium one day, just to get my daily pr0n, and I came across a little article about a band that made a song about empornium.

At this point I never thought the song could be good in any way, not to even mention the other songs by the band.

So, I followed the link and downloaded their album (it's free, and legal :roll: ) and man, it's actually quite funny!

So, I just thought I'd share the link to their site, since the lyrics are a bit geeky (about MPAA and pirating mostly) and the actual music is quite enjoyable. Lyrics like "Hack the Gibson, Hack the Gibson, I'm seeding bittorrents like a digital pimps son". :D

Anyhoo, here's the link. Just click the "Download via HTTP".

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still, it will take ages to download (with all my torrents)

You are joking, right...

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