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How to manully use a proxy server


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I found this site that said how to use a proxy address. I mean for example. http://proxysite:port/address or something but i can't find that site anymore. I don't want to access a proxy site like blastproxy.com because my school blocks those site within a day. The way i want to do it is use a proxy server like the ones listed proxy list. So that way i can use alot with out worrying about them blocking them.

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Yea hes basically asking how to use a proxy heres some sites that can help.

IE 6 and below


Firefox (you have to search though it)




Simple googleing works too you really should try just googleing i found all the above in less than 5minutes

I guaranteed though they blocked you from accessing options in the browsers.

If that is true i recommend OperaTor or Torpark or any other portable Tor browser were you can just put in your flash drive and run of there.

Oh yea write in English next time not gibberish. I found the sites faster than reading your post.

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1st way

depends if your school blocks it via gpedit, and i can get around that just when you log into your accound when it says "applying your settings" pull out your netwrok cable and BAAm you should of skipped the part when it downloads the group polocy files of the servers so now you can right click(myschool bloks right clicking wat a pain lol) and now you can enter your proxy in IE 

2nd way

you can download a portable firefox and just chuck it o0n  a usb drive. here is a link to portable apps which i like http://portableapps.com/

3rd way

What i did what i use at my school network to get around things  is i created a dns for stealth-ip.com, so when the admins at your school check what sites students go to they wont see stealth-ip.com you masking it by going to this link http://www.dyndns.com/

for example i renamed stealth-ip to educationdepot.ath.cx and it is rare that they would block a url like that if they do make rename ur existing dns u created. (my school admins blooked google like ZOMG WTF?)

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