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My son is entering his senior year studying IT, and is interested in getting into cyber security. His school hasn't been particularly helpful, so I'm looking for resources that can help him learn about cyber security and see if it's something he really is interested in. I was thinking of getting him some devices so he could learn skills and some practical applications, so I was thinking of getting him things like the rubber ducky and a pineapple. Would that be a good starting point, or would there be something else he could use? He found a device called a Flipper Zero which also looked interesting. Any advice on devices, papers to read, certs (and how to get them), etc would be greatly appreciated.

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The Flipper Zero is a good option for someone who is experimenting. If he's interested in security and not so much pentesting, study guides for CompTIA Security+ and (ISC)²'s CISSP would get him started on a cybersecurity career path. Note that CompTIA recommends taking A+ and Network+ before Security+.

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I love all the gadgets here and collect all things Hak5, I also own a flipper zero as well as a variety of other pentest gear. I found the flipper zero very fun while playing with radio signals, like nfc rfid and sub gig however find it clunky. For radio I use a hackrf with port-a-pack. The wifi on the flipper "works" I got the dev board and got it flash and capped some hand shakes but it was again clunky. For wifi handshakes I really prefer a laptop using angryoxide and an alpha adapter. If I want to be discreet I like a WiFi pineapple staged near me I.E. in a back pack or hidden near by controlled by my phone. The flipper dose do a lot of things but I really don't prefer to use it in most cases. I think @DramaKing gave the best advice, if he is going in to cybersecurity it will be better to get the study guides. I would not recommend a flipper for the goal of learning "cyber security"    

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