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arpspoof kali linux issue


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i'm running kali linux inside vmware on a windows 10 host, equipped with both eth0 and wlan0 interfaces—a wireless adapter i purchased. my wi-fi network's default gateway is set to

i'm facing issues with arp spoofing within kali linux:

-when i set eth0 for arp spoofing, it works fine on my windows host, but when i attempt to spoof other devices within my network (like my second laptop), it doesn't work. -on the other hand, when i use wlan0 for arp spoofing, i can't arp spoof anything, not even my windows host or other devices on the network. -in both cases( eth0 and wlan0 ) when i type the command it show me that the arp spoof working but when i check for arp table in the target the macadd dosent change (except the eth0 windows host case ) -i've already enabled ip forwarding by setting /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward to 1 and ensured promisc mode is active on both interfaces

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How are the devices connected to the VM? Are the bridged in as network devices, NATed as network devices, or connected as USB devices?

Promiscuous mode and IP forwarding have nothing to do with this. 

The easy way to see what is happening is to run a packet sniffer on another machine and look for ARP traffic, if you see it then your attack is sending stuff, if you don't, then it isn't. Use that as a starting point to work out what is going wrong.

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