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Problems getting GUI or CTRL ALT T to work on Fedora 40 Workstation


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I've been trying to create simple hello world payloads on my Fedora 40 workstation.

Note: Previously with the same cable I managed to get simple payloads working fine on Windows 11 and Ubuntu but I have now distro hopped to Fedora and things aren't working.

I've tried two different ways of opening the terminal. One with:


STRING terminal


The other with:

CTRL ALT T (Which isn't set on Fedora 40 by default but I fixed that earlier)

I've noticed that during the delay period I can click on the payload text that was just built and ran, and I get 'echo "Hello World!"' added there where I clicked so keystroke injections are working. However, that terminal just wont open and I can't even get the gnome menu with GUI to open.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this? Will try again with Windows 11 and Ubuntu when I have a chance to double check the cable didn't somehow get faulty although I have been extremely gentle with it.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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let me understand this, you set a hot key for the terminal to launch. when you use ducky script to execute the hot key it dose not launch? If this is the case dose the terminal launch when you press the keys yourself?

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