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Deleted Files... IN BIG TROUBLES - Please HELP


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Hey guys

I think i made the biggest mistake of my life, I am in charge of administrating a Linux (debian) server and typed the RM command in the wrong directory and ended up deleting the finances files of the company.. i was working on the backup but realize i did not have any backup of this folders...

I am a dead man... please help!!!

the partition is ext3 and i have been googling, please give me hints, whatever, even links to professional recovery tool...

sorry if my post is not structured, I am overly tired and really freaking out...


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I have a horrible feeling that ext3 blanks out the block pointers in the inode when you delete a file and you have to do something complicated with greping the actual device for parts of the missing files. There is also something called Foremost, which could be what your looking for. The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy might fit the bill also. And you might also want to try some of the liveCD's geared towards forensics like Helix.

Other than that, if it doesn't work its probally time to call in the pro's.

http://foremost.sourceforge.net/ (or from the Debian apt-get packages)

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Midnight Commander had file recovery for EXT2 filesystems. As EXT3 is backwards and forwards compatible with EXT2, you've still got a decent chance of recovering that data.

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I think your only option is to cover it up by going into your company's server room late at night incognito, rip out the drives of all the servers in there and scarper. When you come in the next day you can appear shocked and blame it on corporate espionage.

Shouldn't you have backups of your company's finances anyway? Like on tape or something? It seems a bit careless to only have one set of copies on a single machine.

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