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Remote USB / HID wireless or wired


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Recently I started to play around with the Rubber Ducky. Unfortunately, this device is limited to receive Lock-Keys from the target system. Soon I stumpled about the Key-Croc what is able to detect any key combinations on target keyboard.

For the reason of geofencing in case of stolen devices, I like to have the hak5 device physically away from the target PC. For the rubber ducky, this is probably possible to use one of the many USB Servers offered for copy protection / licence management USB sticks. Normally they connect with Ethernet and driver installation on Linux/Win target is acceptable.

Are there any wireless or wired solutions known for the Key Croc? The keyboard could be wired and modified with additional radio device or even a driver what passes the pressed keys over ethernet will be ok. The goal is, to keep the Key Croc or Rubber Ducky hidden at a save place. If any stolen target PC is started in external environement (outside subnet or radio range), the key trigger sequences do not work any more what makes the stolen device useless even for the previous legal user or owner.



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