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Wife talks to guys an now keeps iphone locked


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My wife talks openly that she's talking to someone and people says its never going away but she's not making me leave an we've been together 15 years.

Wasn't until recently that she now keep iphone locked an openly admits she talks to them basically infront of me but won't tell me who. How can I be smart about this an actually know how to have the information. I'd move if I could but it's not that simple. How easy is it to use omg cable without much computer skills or hacking knowledge? What is the best way to have everything you need from phone? If I was on it unlocked just curious what's the best fastest way to save or export everything where an how with what basically? How to be smart about it?

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Do you own the phone that she uses?

Is the line in your name or hers?

You are on a slippery slope my friend tread lightly.

Also I do not think any good will come from you gaining said information.

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On 6/5/2024 at 6:27 PM, seektru369 said:

How easy is it to use omg cable without much computer skills or hacking knowledge? 

You can add your iCloud account to her own phone. All you have to do is trigger the payload to enable Full Keyboard Access while the cable is plugged in and after she unlocks the phone. Then you can trigger the payload to add your iCloud account to the phone.

You already know that your wife is holding conversations with secret people. You don't need to know the other end of the conversations, unless you're just paranoid.

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