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Reuse of old hardware


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In the summer of 2006 around july i think, i was bored and playing basketball at the park behing my house.And on this one particular day a minivan pulled up and threw a bunch of stuff into the dumpster, at the time i didn't think anything of it intill i glanced over and noticed that he was throwing in a keyboard. I continued to play bb, and waited for the van to leave as soon as it did i ran over to the dumpster and looked inside, and to my suprise there was 2 monitors a keyboard a mouse and one of the p2's that my school has 1,000's of. I quickly jumped into the dumpster grabed the p2 and ran home. When i booted it up it had a clean install of windows 98, it had 256mb of ram, and an 8gb hd. so i wiped the hd installed windows 2000 threw in a 40gb drive and since that day it has been serving music and files to my network, hosting the occasional doom game , ftp, webserver, backup server, F@H, it generated 2 rainbow tables, and it has done other misc stuff all at the same time. The cpu is always running at 100% and it's never been offline for more than 5 min over the past 6 months. i'm also thinking about adding some more hd's to it, because right now there's under 80gb of storege spanned out across the 3 drives and it's supposed to be a file server :( but other than not enough storege the thing's great

(and this time it's in the right thread :P)

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Ive been lucky with old hardware:

- 2 p4 gateways from dumpster - File servers or ect.

- 1 p3 IBM - Smoothwall (my firewall, ect.)

- countless keyboards, mouses, speakers, cables

- 1/10/100 16 port switch

- 2 X 48 1/10/100 hubs

- couple of cases

Salvaged some 2 gig ram(corsair) and a 2.6 p4, hd out of a dumpster and am building a cheap DYI overclocking / Phasecooling rig with it.

Heres the latest from a company that jsut closed near my home yesterday:

- 2 15" LCD Touchscreens

- 2 X p3 or p4 IBM's (Ones going to be a mini media center)

- Some pretty good stereo Equip and studio lights

*Most of this is going to be put into the effort of constructing a touchscreen jutebox*

##sorry no pics i dont have a dig camera and am lazy, maybe soon##

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