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Network admin passed away and cannot manage infrastructure no passwords

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My network administrator passed away last month and we were only made aware a few days ago. All of our admin passwords and logins were on his personal laptop and we obviously can not get to it because it is part of the estate. Is there anyway to use any of your products to access any of our passwords for vendors or admin logins so we can move forward.

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When it comes to Hak5 products, I would most likely say no in this specific case.

These kinds of scenarios almost always haven't got a quick and simple answer. One have to deep dive into the setup of the specific environment and look for possible ways that might be the result of such recon. It's also a good thing to let someone that knows these things do the work, and not try yourself if you don't have the knowledge needed. In worst case it will make the already bad scenario even more bad. Hire someone from a reliable company to do it instead.

Another reason to why these kinds of questions perhaps don't get full answers is that it can be "malicious", i.e. none of the said is true (fake story/scenario) and someone just want tips on how to illegally access an environment they aren't allowed to access.

The "lessons learned" in this case is that things happen, and however tragic they are, processes needs to be in place that stops these kinds of situations to appear. A single admin shouldn't be the only one in control of credentials, and they should for sure not store it on their personal devices.

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